Coming Soon! IndieGoGo Campaign for The Power of Three by Lucy Pireel

It won’t be long before the Indiegogo campaign launches for

The Power of Three

(working title Origins Revealed)

cover campaign


When a priest unleashes an evil that could wipe out all life on this side of the veil, werewolf Sakima Nutus and vampire Celeste Divinus must join forces to rid Earth of the demons released.

Sakima, the most successful vampire hunter in the history of all werewolves, must now work with Celeste, the last remaining pure blood who is more powerful than the strongest werewolves combined.

Both are born to lead, but only one can dominate.


The funds raised will be used for


Cover art (original photography)

Cover Design



The campaign will launch January 27th and all donations will be appreciated, as well as any effort to help spread the word about it.