Review – September Ends by Hunter S. Jones

This book is one of the few that classify as a true gem! Read my review below and then run to the store to get your copy. Heck, why not? it’s FREE today!Sept Ends NEW


Have you ever read a book you had to put down, because it affected you too much? Have you ever really felt the story touching something deep within you? Has a book ever made you cry, actually cry, I mean sobbing tears, and a band around your heart wrenching inner pain cry? This book had that effect on me. I had to wait a few days after finishing September Ends for the fifth time in two weeks because every time I thought about the book I cried and was at a loss for words. I still can’t seem to find the right words to convey how good this book is. How real, how … basal. It’s more than fiction, poetry, or prose, or even literature. This book is us, it’s you, it is your friend, your enemy. It is humanity shown through words.

Right, enough with the excitement. The cold hard facts? Plot, rock solid with well foreshadowed events, and a proper arc. Characters, fully fleshed out with an emotional growth that is utterly real. Scene setting, well researched and realistic. Dialogue, realistic with a natural flow. Sentence structure, very fitted to the part of the book it is used.

There were a few typos, and by a few I mean I found two, but only during the last reading my eyes spotted those.

So there you have it. This is a book that either turns me into a sobbing, highly emotional blob of a woman, or a removed, analytic, fact scooper. Would I recommend it? Shoot! Yes!I would even say like Venice it’s something you must have ‘seen’ before you die.

(I received no compensation for this review)

How To Obtain Happiness

“…as always. Then, now, and into the length of time. It might be totally unrelated, but it has to be said, or should it?” asks the little mouse, then she laughs, nibbles on some cheese, closes her eyes, inhales deeply the scents in the room, and relishing in their existence. “However wanted, happiness isn’t always within ones grasp. Within reach, maybe, but out of it none-the-less.” She chuckles, then laughs out loud and wiggles her toes eliciting a response most wanted. “It’s the simple things, small, every-day, run-of-the-mill gestures that bring joy and lightness to the being one must endure. Take the good, and see the positive one has, instead of looking at one must miss.” The little mouse smiles as she whispers, “If only it could last forever.”

How To Write a Life

“Doesn’t every life has it’s hidden treasures?” Lucy smiles as a writer tries out a new way. “Aren’t all human lives the stuff of stories untold? Why not become that avatar, take on that persona and let it be its life you narrate, while keeping both egos in balance with each other. Can the persona be the interesting layer over the human one? Isn’t that why she chose that one for well founded reasons?” Lucy looks aside to peek into the kitchen where a creature is busy in the kitchen preparing a meal from whatever bits remain in the fridge and cupboards. She shakes her head and smiles decidedly happy. Getting up from that comfy couch she does a small hop skip. “Yes, very satisfying and not odd at all. Dialogue is a part of life and narration too, should this then not be livewriting instead of musing?” Sat again she sips her wine and smells the delicious scents of cooking and relaxes for she knows life is good now. “Any tense will do, but we live in the here and now, while the past must never be forgotten and is entwined with the present as is the future. For who knows what tomorrow will bring.”

How To Write Like A Goblin

The Goblin is back and he has new words and a new vision on an ‘old’ feast that is drawing close. How do you feel about this feast, or don’t you celebrate it?


it’s that time of year, so the goblin has been thinking about christmas again, and how in this modern age it just didn’t seem politically correct anymore, where non-Christians think it is too Christian, and where Christians think it is too pagan now, no what the goblin wanted to offer here was something else, something new in fact, “…well folks, it’s time for the all new “politically correct” name-change then…” ventured the goblin “…so what we need is something historical to celebrate in its place that is both secular and well known…” the goblin continued “…well how about celebrating the discovery on the new world by Christopher Columbus in 1492…”, in fact, the goblin had only suggested this, imagining that there were probably some people in America who were aware of it, “…simple, we take the his name and shorten it, “Chris” of Christopher and “bus” of Columbus…”, and with that the felt he had done his good deed of the day and now only wanted to be the first to say on this thread “…merry Chrisbus everybody…”

How To Write Live Like A Goblin …

“…this day returns not…” uttered the goblin seeing his happiness slipping away the moment he saw himself in terms of other people. True he was no longer young and the man in the mirror was hardly pleasing, true he didn’t have the house, swimming pool, etc., true that there were those far more educated and with more friends too. “…true all true…” the goblin sighed. Ah, but wasn’t growing old, in this way at least, the same boat for all of us then, it was as if somehow ‘life’ was telling the goblin to fight his own battles with his own values, the goblin then laughed, comforted by that one fantastic thought then, “…you see, at this very moment I have this slot here, where I can post absolutely anything I like, so perhaps, with a little bit of luck and reflection, I can find that one really great something worth posting now in vindication of it all…” the goblin continued “…anyway I just bet you I can drag the giant washbasin across this shower room and fling it with all my strength against the barred window, like in that film…” somehow knowing life would either stop him beforehand, or catch up with him later as it always had, “…ah, but at least I tried…” the goblin repeated to himself aloud “…at least I tried, and I am still trying too…” and one day folks, at the end of his life perhaps, the goblin would escape through those bars just like in that film too. God, he loved that film then …

I have found this eloquent writer on a writers forum. Have no idea who he is, but his posts on there made me think, made me write my musings and in return I will give him a ‘home’ away from the fora and into my world.

Look for his words once a week from now on, but if what he says strikes a chord in you too, let me, let us know in the comment section below. I encourage you, like him, to post, to write, whatever you like, whatever words spring to mind. Muse, write, post, and share it with us.