How To LiveWrite Like a Goblin on Reaching Out

This post by the resident Goblin is one that touched me on a very personal level. Read it and tell us what it made you feel. That is, if you care to share.


Geneva is a small place, and walking across from the bridge on a dull warm day, became the last time the goblin would ever meet him, his friend from denmark that is, the dane then, simply, it was while waiting for the homeward bus, the ensuing conversation between them had turned around to the moment where the dane just confided “…actually I don’t want to go home goblin tonight, my life is shit and I’m in a real mess so I am going to a friend’s…”, the goblin replied “…look there’s that AA place almost opposite from where you live, they’d listen and sort it out for you, well at least get some advice there then, and no one would know, would they…”, but what was happening to the dane now, somehow the goblin both knew and felt, wasn’t the actual alcoholism, no, the dane was stalling his own life into a tailspin here, the dane was “ending it”, and now while looking at the dane’s face the goblin could see, or had recollections of, those others that the goblin had known, as ever hiding behind their uniform reassuring expressions as that “exit plan” was taking over inside them, so again the voice in the goblin’s mind just went “…no, it’s always the ones that never mention it by name…”, as the goblin then watched the dane calmly cross the road before him as if walking out of this life too



How do you reach out?

How To LiveWrite Like A Goblin on Reflection

I’ve found another post by the Goblin, this time he reflects upon himself. Or is he actually trying to lure his readers to make the journey to self?


the goblin always posted against himself here, or at least that part of him that was ever saying that there was nothing worth posting in life, “…so I win against this empty feeling then…” said the goblin in the dark for early morning, outside, the cold announced the coming of snow again, and the difficulties of it, where inside too, the room was a chill sharp silence that the goblin’s own warmth wasn’t enough to really change, “…yes I will just post this and then return to bed to rest I suppose…” voiced the goblin, continuing “…besides, the future will just happen anyway, but at any rate at least I’ll have gained a certain spiritually by having faced myself, just an ability of matching myself to my posts here, a thankless ability perhaps, something both useless and worthless in terms of one’s dailylife and that moneygod again, maybe even a bitter fruit by way of what one sees by it, but still these posts are a reflection of self, and they are all the more me precisely because they are useless and worthless then…”



Is self-reflection something you engage in?

How to Write Live like a Goblin on Compromising

Today the Goblin reflects on how to fit in.


the idea perhaps was “wearing the specs of the site”, but it wasn’t so much that the goblin compromised, or changed himself to fit into style of the site so much as the site itself changed him and his view of his posting to it, “…simply, I slowly become more like those sites that I am active on, that’s all…”, where the opposite would be some insensitive troll who never changed under the forum/venue, concluding “…so wearing the specs is an important consideration in choosing one’s forum/venue then…”



Do you compromise to fit in?

How To Write Live Like A Goblin on The Journey To Self

Yet another Monday and again I’ve found a post by the Goblin on The Writer’s Beat. This time it’s all about writing.


and with that the goblin just explained it, saying”…this thread is a book of sorts, and yes there are millions of real books out there, and almost every one of them was better than this one, but they all had one thing in common, they were all dead and published whereas here, where one is both reader and writer now, posters just get woven into these pages…”, the goblin then smiled looking at the slot again, “…take that journey to self goblin, while you still can that is…” it seemed to be saying each time, adding “…goblin, dailylife and that moneygod will just leave you feeling empty and cheap, so who are you really then, don’t you want to know who you are by what you post, so make each post count now, write in the post itself, and become a livewriter while there’s still time…”



What do you think? Does your true self shines through your written words?

How To Live Write Like A Goblin on Sanity and Reality

My regular Monday morning guest has returned. The Goblin, aka Fleamailman, surprises again. He has the uncanny ability to somehow see right through me, or is it he knows his humans?


perhaps the goblin was mad after all, and yet, in dailylife he hid it well, saying “…you see, most people are mad where their lives are just as mad too, so it simply balances out under the reinforcement of good old habit and convention…”, and with that the goblin hoped that everyone would adjust their madness accordingly seeing that whatever sanity they sought from this dailylife was probably another trick of the system to have one become more like everyone else now, adding “…ah yes, you would be right to laugh at their assumptions towards sanity and madness, but you’ll have to learn to hide your laughter better now, for dailylife is madness and they’re all mad perhaps, but caring, about whether one is mad that is, will only make it such, so embrace your own values silently and slip under their radar to freedom…”

What do you think? Is reality madness, or is madness our reality, or is it all the same?