Eeeps! OCD or Normal Author Behaviour?

What is it with authors and lists, rankings and stats? Is it me, or is it normal to want to know not only how many books you’ve sold, but how high you are on a list–any list?

Take the Most Popular Author list on AuthorsdB for example. I’m mighty proud to be high ranking there–number two currently–and now feel compelled to check each day to see if I’ve moved from that spot. Secretly wishing to become number One! 🙂 No idea how I got there, or how to stay this high other than write more books and publish them. Let the world know where they can find me, and my books.

I think, and hope, that it means people finally get to recognise my name. That I am indeed becoming a ‘brand’. It doesn’t award me with anything other than the honour of a badge, of which I’m very proud, but it also burdens me with another stat/ranking to check.

Enter the question, “Is it me, or do all authors suffer from this minor streak of OCD?”

Mind you, I’m not bothered by it at all. I quite like checking my stats, you know, blog, site, Amazon Ranking, but most of all the Most Popular Author list. Because let’s face it, it does have a ring to it. “I am the second most popular author on AuthorsdB.”

So, my fellow authors and readers, tell me, is this ‘normal’ behaviour? 🙂