How To Be True

“Being honest in looking within and acknowledging your motives is the first step,” Lucy says as she looks in the mirror finding her eyes and staring into their depths. “Truth and honesty aren’t necessarily the same thing. One can be true but profoundly dishonest with ones self, unknowingly. How easy is it to believe a false truth about ones self? Isn’t that far easier than face the truth of ones actions and their effect? Not only to ones self, but also upon those surrounding us. Live the lie, or face the truth and exercise Satya is a choice that should not be hard, but the first step is recognising one lives the lie is the first step to Satya.” Lucy smiles as she remembers how she found the truth about herself and still struggles to live according to Satya. “To heal ones self one needs to know the sickness and if that is unseen behind a wall of smoke and mirrors one puts in front of ones self to avoid the truth of ones self. To find ones inner most self one must dare to make the journey within.” Taking a deep breath Lucy rises to pour another cup of coffee. “The journey to ones inner most self is one filled with obstacles put there by the subconsciousness for to look within and see one for who one really is is a feat not all dare, or can manage. What if all humans would? What if all humans would find Satya, wouldn’t that be a perfect world?” She shakes her head and says, “But perfection does not exists, only life.”

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