How To Deal With ‘Bad’ Reviews

I’ve been hearing some pretty disturbing things from fellow reviewers lately. I’m an author, blogger, but also a reviewer. I love to read for review, but these attacks on reviewers I’ve been hearing about make me doubt my sanity when accepting a book to review.

Stewie suicide

Why do you ask? Well, what if I accept a book I really had great expectations for, but disappoints me to no end? Do I dare to write my review, giving the book a two- or even one-star? Am I really ready for a personal attack and down-rating of my own work for being honest?

are you kidding

When a reviewer’s opinion on a book is not as favourable as the fans/friends of the author would like it to be, tough luck. Suck it up and move along! An honest review on a book is not an attack on the author, it is the opinion of that reader, a reader who has bought the book (regardless the fact whether or not that book was available for free) took the time to read it and made an effort to formulate their opinion, and now has every right to air their opinion on said book. There is no need to reply to a review, the reviewer has already moved on to reading another book. And, more important, it shows very bad taste to attack someone for giving their honest opinion on a book. After all they took the time to read your book and then to think about and write a review about it. Honour that by remaining silent and take it in stride that this author, or you haven’t pleased that one reader.


So, to all authors who have requested a review from me and I have accepted to read and review their book–I do not get any fee to review a book, I only ask a free copy of the book to review–please do not think my review is about you as a person, or even you as the author. It is my opinion on a book, your book, but by no means written with any hidden agenda. Not when it is a 5-star and not when it turns out to be a 1-star, or anything in between.

That said I’ll get off my soap box and get reading and writing again.

My question of the day are really three questions.

– Readers, do you ever read the reviews before buying a book and if so, do you believe those reviews?

-Reviewers, do you ever hesitate to read/post reviews lower than three stars?

-Authors, when you get a less favourable review on your work, how do you deal with it?

And when you’re done here why not take a look on Anita’s Desk? She has an opinion on this topic too.

2 thoughts on “How To Deal With ‘Bad’ Reviews

  1. Lucy! You nailed it. Reviewers are as human as the authors. I recently read a comment from an author who said: Reviews don’t belong to me. Right this minute I have a title with 100 Five Star Reviews and one 1 Star. The book just ‘fizzled’ for that reader. I love all of my reviews, good, bad or mediocre. Here’s why: Thirty years ago few books were reviewed. With indie authorship and the innovation of ebooks, thousands of books get reviewed. I think you are brave to review books. I seldom do reviews, but I do blog/FB about books I enjoy.

    Jackie Weger

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