A World of Verse – A Poetry Collection

Cover A World of Verse


I am proud to be able to say I am now also a published poet.
The 1st Authors of ASMSG Poetry Anthology under the title A World of Verse contains the work of twenty-One poets, representing the Poet’s Circle of ASMSG. We pour their hearts, souls, and imaginations into over sixty poems ranging from the anguish of loneliness and the despair of loss to the joy of belonging and the rapture of love. Feel the passion for life within these pages as we celebrate this inaugural collection.
The poets represented herein are:Alan Hardy
Andy Szpuk
B.L. Ronan
Bryan Paul
Debra Parmley
Ian Bradley Marshall
James Amoateng
Laurie Kazmierczak
Lucy Pireel
Murielle Cyr
Ollie Lambert
Oscar Wager II
Peter Watson Jenkins
Regina Puckett
Shannon McRoberts
Steven Harz
Teresa Amehana Garcia
Teresa Joseph Franklin
Yelle HughesWe hope you enjoy this labor of love, and pass the passion along.

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