How To Catch Daily Life With a Pen

As things slowly get back to ‘normal’ the goblin returns to this blog too. I’ve found him willing to let me use whatever he writes on my blog and I shall take him up on that one. So here’s to new beginnings and musings by a live writer I know as Fleamailman or The Goblin.


to the goblin there was only one score that mattered, that ofย have I caught it with my pen then, in fact, it was just his way of fishing for thoughts, and as if to underline it, the late bistro played good music to a full house of lively chatting drinkers, while one lone figure sat in the corner typing away, looking up and then typing away again before finally posting something to forumland, so simply either the goblin was “there albeit mentally detached from his dailylife” or “here on forumland albeit still attached that dailylife of his”, something he called aย shared life, though most people would call it a writer’s distraction then, or worse, simply daydreaming now


8 thoughts on “How To Catch Daily Life With a Pen

    • My dearie Jo. I am very happy to be on the blogging path again, but not to the extend as before just yet. Too much zooming in real life to be done for now. But glad to be back. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

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  3. (“…yay, “the mouse show” is back on the road again…” went the goblin in long awaited glee here, adding “…well, this is my window into your blogworld humans, where if you want me to read you now, all you have to do is involve yourselves in the going-ons here, where my golden rule is rather simple, it is, that unless they’re actually dead, something which I suspect you might not be, know that I only ever read those authors who will converse with their readers like this, where doesn’t the line go “nobody reads my posts but it’s always somebody who replies”…”, whereupon the goblin then added a quick proviso here, saying “…however, if anyone dead is reading this text, know that I’ll read their response a bit later then, perhaps when we’re back together again where we could talk about old times, yes I’d like that, no in all truth I’d love it in fact…”)

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