Published work

The Fall Issue of From the Depths by Haunted Waters Press, contains a small two-line pennie fiction piece of mine.

Read it here

In the Writer’s Beat Quarterly is not only my winning Haiku, but also a non-fiction article on capitalisation.

Download and read it here.

                           cover_image_600x800  Cover Heavens Closed                      Cover bound bare back red small newUnpublished Flash FictionA game

Imagination and it’s all in the mind.

The Fallal

A princess is chosen for the holy union with her god.

Musings And Thoughts

Here you can find links to general musings and thoughts I’ve penned down. Some might be philosophical, while others might make you laugh. They can be one-line or a stream of consciousness and anything in between.

How to deal with a perfect imperfection and expectations

More on human nature

How To Avoid Disappointment

On human behaviour and expectations.

The Supermarket Maffia

And how humans buy and consume what they do not need.

Plato and the ideal world

Does such a thing exists?


Emotions and triggers.

Creation and Destruction

A random musing on how humanity seems to be prone to destruction.

One man Island

You are not alone.


Thoughts on words and silence.

Slave to the Machines

How humanity is forcing itself into slavery.

Blending in or stand out in a crowd?

As writers we want to be seen, read, heard, noticed, but that isn’t necessary so for all of us.

Sinners and Saints

What’s real and what not?

2 thoughts on “Writerly

    • Oh, my sweet Jo Dearie. xoxo
      Thanks, me luv. Hope you will be posting the stuff that people trip over, because it’s your blog, your house, your rules, and who doesn’t like it can stay away. Nobody’s forcing them to read, right?

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