Featured Authors

Each week I like to feature authors on my blog. They have the opportunity to plug a book and themselves. The list grows and grows and it is very gratifying to see how my effort is appreciated by the authors.

Of course each one of them have more books out there than just the one I mention below, but for those you will have to go to their page and follow the links on there. 🙂

Genevieve Dewey

Author of The Downey Trilogy

Selena Robins

Author of What a Girl Wants

Katherine Lowry Logan

Author of The Ruby Brooch

Jackson Bear

Author of The Earth Bleeds Red (available from September 2013)

Jo Robinson

Author of Shadow People

Judy Leslie

Author of For the Love of Ireland

Kb Cash

Author of Survive

Terry Reid

Author of Stars and Satellites

Garry Kay

Author of Don’t Fear the Reaper

Leonardo Ramirez

Author of The Jupiter Chronicles

Tom Winton

Best-seller author of amongst others Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost

Maer Wilson

Author of Relics

Janna Yeshanova

Author of Love is Never Past Tense

Danielle DeVor

Author of Tail of the Devil

Vickie Johnstone

Author of amongst others Kiwi in Cat City

Paula Rose Michaelson

Author of the Casa de Naomi Series

Glen Solosky

Author of The Abominable Sruvius

Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Author of The Basement

Mari Collier

Author of Earthbound

Pat Fitzhugh

Author of Ghostly Cries from Dixie

Lawrence BoarerPitchford

Author of The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer

Pete Morin

Author of Diary of a small fish

Cyn Bagley

Author of Urban Werewolf

Cheryl B. Dale

Author of The Warwicks of slumber Mountain

Linda Rae Blair

Author of 100 Years of Brotherly Love

Shelly Arkon

Author of Second Hand Shoes

Lorelei Bell

Author of the Sabrina Strong Series

Chantal Boudreau

Author of The Snowy Barrens Trilogy

Minnie Lahongrais

Author of Divergent Lives

Karen A. Wyle

Author of Wander Home

Kate Rigby

Author of a lot of books but she talks about Fall of the Flamingo Circus on my blog

Yvonne Hertzberger

Author of a trilogy titled “Earth’s Pendulum”

Rick Carter Squire

Author of Jack, I Am

Allison Bruning

Author of Reflections: Poems and essays

John Holt

Author of The Kammersee Affair

Gerry McCullough

Author of Belfast Girls

Jo Robinson

Author of Shadow People

Laurie E. Boris

Author of Don’t Tell Anyone

Wayne Zurl

Author of the Sam Jenkins Smoky Mountain police mystery series

Jerry McKinney

Author of Nightsound

Jan Ruth

Author of Wild Water

C. Reg Jones

Author of The Division of the Damned

Carol Bond

Author of The Unseen Promise

Ruby Barnes

Author of The Crucible

Jennie Hilborne

Author of Hide and Seek

Bella Harte

Author of Scarlett Phoenix

3 thoughts on “Featured Authors

  1. Hey Lucy, I love your site. I am a writer and I love to interview people too. I think it is wonderful to help writers move forward. It does feel good! I’d love it if you could consider interviewing me about my new book. Hey I could interview you on my site too! Please go to my blog and let me know. Hope to work with you soon. http://alanamunroauthor.com/about/

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