Russian Food

I’ve been interviewing authors for a while now and the thing which strikes me most each and every time is how we all have our food and drink ‘fetish’. That might not be the right word but we all seem to love coffee and we all seem to have a craving for some kind of food which we then have our characters eat and drink too.

When I read Love is Never Past Tense by Janna Yeshanova I found myself heavily interested in the exotic and yet frugal things her characters were eating and drinking in Odessa. I actually wanted to taste them–that’s how cleverly she wrote the book and how real it all seemed. The inquisitive me went out and found the recipes to some of the dishes. Try them while you read the book, I found it not only fun, but a great way of delving even deeper into the story.

Here’s a list of typical Russian dishes you can try. I loved them all and had great fun preparing them, even though some were quite


(Beetroot soup)

Photo by Tanya F. CC-BY-2.0
Found on

Delicious on a hot summer day. Or just when you feel like it. I found out I love beetroot. 🙂


(Sweet cheese pancakes)

sirniki janna

 A very pleasant change from the ‘normal’ breakfast pancakes and–not entirely unimportant–very easy to make since there’s no need for any kind of fluffiness. 🙂

Baklazhannaia ikra

(poor man’s caviar)


I loved this one especially! Nom, spread on rye, like in the recipe, or used as lasagne filling. Delish!




Breakfast, desert, snack. These will do anytime. Nom!

Salat iz pmidor

(tomato salad)

No picture here, instead watch the video I found on Youtube. The cook (heavily sponsored, but never mind that) even teaches us some Russian.

And this last one is by far my favourite, but that could be because of my immense love of cheese and tomatoes. 🙂

I will read Love is Never Past Tense again and enjoy eating these dishes while sat in the sun drinking a glass of Vodka. 🙂 One must submerge ones self to fully enjoy the experience, right?

For those who don’t have the book, you can find it at Amazon USUK, and of course all other Amazon stores worldwide.

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