Song of the Storm by Mariam Kobras

9780984203574-SOS- FRONT Cover Trimmed

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Reviewed by Lucy Pireel

It’s not often I read 60 pages in one stretch, but boy … This is a book I couldn’t put down. Not even when I had to go to toilet.
Okay, that said I must also say this is book three, and the last of a series of which I hadn’t read one and two. But … Yes, there’s a but, a big fat positive but. I never missed not having read the first two, because the author not only showed how the events leading up to this book link in but she did it in a way that wasn’t obvious. So even though it is part of a series, to me it read perfectly as a stand-alone.
Now about the content. Great! Can’t say anything else but ‘great!’ Characters are fully developed and had me rooting for them from the get go. All of them, even the minor ones have flesh and bones and background to make them really come alive.
The plot? It brought tears to my eyes. The way this author very tastefully brought 9-11 into the plot is amazing and does justice to the people who suffered and still do from this vile and low attack on innocent New Yorkers as well as the people in the other planes and places. So even though it is not the main plot line, this does play a role in the story. How the characters are handling their experience of that day and the days following shows the author has immense compassion for those affected and describes emotions and events in a way that is both tasteful and compelling to read.
To whom would I recommend this book? To all who like to read a love story with a solid background and a message which isn’t in your face but there nevertheless.

(I have not received any kind of compensation for the review nor this post)

Thank you Mariam for writing this book and allowing me to read and review it.

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