A Poem by Daniel Kemp

A While ago I read this in a twittering by Daniel Kemp and it struck me as one of those tweets you remember among the slush easily skimmed over.

Daniel Kemp

Take your petty criticism

Take away your disdain.

Live your life removed from me,

As I quickly forget your name.


Daniel Kemp is the author of 


Cover Desolate Garden


How To Write Like a Goblin on Cause and Effect.

Another Monday, another post from the resident Goblin.


the goblin supposed that, if life made sense, then it would be too simple, and that, if “the effect” was always as predicted by “the cause”, then people would just look to their reward each time over the action itself then, so the goblin didn’t believe in “reward”, knowing that this life was full of cases, where “cause and effect” didn’t neatly follow one another, and the goblin thanked his life for it then, that “cause and effect” was mostly true, yes, though never quite 100% true where dailylife was concerned, so the goblin just repeated his favorite line to himself again “…the action is the reward in itself or else it’s just cheap and one is buying the reward now…”, ah yes, but the goblin had often been the cheap blind calculative type in his dealings with others, though maybe he was older now, at least he hoped so …


How To Write About The Money God Like a Goblin

Found another post on a forum by the Goblin on a topic I know keeps my mind occupied as of late.


the goblin thanked everyone for reading or posting on here, though his mood was too pensive offer much in return, it was as if the goblin was once more back in the court of the moneygod being asked “…so goblin if you had one wish what would it be, name your price, I mean, you have a price don’t you, most people here do have at least something they want then…” smiled the knowing moneygod as he stretched out his open arms in a big wave around him across those endless lines of items on offer “…anything then goblin, you name your price and then I’ll name mine, it’s that simple…”, the goblin thought about it but then said “…no, I just want to be creative…”, “…ah another bloody fool who thinks happiness can’t be bought, simply you want to be “happy” then I take it, a happy little goblin in a happy life…” laughed the mocking moneygod sitting back in his chair now looking at the goblin, the goblin had to laugh at himself too “…I must be mad then, I don’t really want happiness either, I mean if you asked me to swap my past tears and my pain, all my sadness, anger, passion, the loves broken or otherwise, these long goodbyes of people and places going or gone, I wouldn’t swap them and I never will either, I am simply not cheap to their memory as those memories are all I have of me too, that’s all…” which was the point the casher told the goblin to put the groceries back into the cart because the people behind him in the queue were waiting, “…sorry I was somewhere else…” apologized the goblin as the supermarket reality mercilessly entrapped him once more in his dailylife


How do you go about being happy?

How To Obtain Happiness

“…as always. Then, now, and into the length of time. It might be totally unrelated, but it has to be said, or should it?” asks the little mouse, then she laughs, nibbles on some cheese, closes her eyes, inhales deeply the scents in the room, and relishing in their existence. “However wanted, happiness isn’t always within ones grasp. Within reach, maybe, but out of it none-the-less.” She chuckles, then laughs out loud and wiggles her toes eliciting a response most wanted. “It’s the simple things, small, every-day, run-of-the-mill gestures that bring joy and lightness to the being one must endure. Take the good, and see the positive one has, instead of looking at one must miss.” The little mouse smiles as she whispers, “If only it could last forever.”

How To Write Like a Goblin

Another Monday, another post from the elusive Goblin.


the goblin’s inability to post recently, reflected something inside, which was as if saying to him “too much on ones plate” and yet, it was probably more important is this moment then, that the goblin posts on, “…simply, you see, the plate becomes so big that one eventually sees nothing else but it…” repeated the goblin, still aware that it was nearing christmas, that the american post election was being played out on some wobbly stage, and that the world was still warming too, and yet, all the goblin could actually see now was a massive plate of his own personal problems, “…oh no, just to think is not enough here, where “I post is to win”…” said the goblin, somewhat unconvincingly to himself, but, whether the goblin in fact posted or not, or whether the goblin looked only at his own personal problems then, the slot would only catch up with him at some later point with a tally of the duration of the time passed against the number of posts he had done, “…ah, this muse’s pact is too severe and slot always hungers…” mentioned the goblin trying to think beyond his little plate of concerns then


How full is your plate and how do you deal with it?